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ITS, a U.S. and Ukraine based business development consulting company has been working in Ukraine since 2007. ITS has comprehensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of the market and cultural challenges facing Ukrainian, US, and European businesses who wish to begin or expand business with Ukraine.

The Value We Provide

John Isella, Alona Andriienko, and the ITS Team provide valuable actionable advise and consulting to companies developing outsourcing and market expansion in Ukraine. We work to assist and advocate for Ukrainian, US, and European companies to facilitate business interaction with Ukraine.

Our Approach

ITS locates qualified suppliers for those seeking to outsource to Ukraine, establishing new international markets for Ukrainian companies in the US and Europe, and assists in the management and oversight of existing Ukrainian international business activities.

the team

John Isella

Managing Director

Alona Andriienko

Director of Business Development

Vlada Taranets

Business Development Manager

Dmytro Kolisnyk

Business Development Manager


Outsource Supplier Development

With access to extensive Ukrainian business and industrial networks we can identify qualified reliable suppliers for outsourcing initiatives who will reduce costs and provide high quality products and services from Ukraine.

International Business Development for Ukrainian Companies

Ukrainian companies have substantial international potential limited by language, contacts, and an understanding of western business practices. We enable successful entry of Ukrainian businesses into western markets.

Management Consulting for Existing International Business in Ukraine

With over 10 years of experience in international business with Ukraine we oversee, troubleshoot, and manage contracts and supply arrangements between international and Ukrainian businesses. We can fix problem relationships.





Promoting U.S.-Ukraine business relations since 1995

Product Knowledge

nontraditional strategies delivering exceptional value

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consulting services in the telecom and space sectors

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